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6A's final day at Low Mill
Day 2 of Low Mill for 6A

This is the third time I've tried to upload....fingers crossed!

Dragons Den for 6A

Finally, I have remembered to put up these pics, which I took during our Dragons Den presentations! The children had spent the week thinking about the features a suitable gadget teen spy Alex Rider might need on his missions. They then presented to our team of dragons, in the hope that their idea would be 'invested' in! Three teams were successful - congratulations to those, but huge congratulations to every team, who did brilliantly!

Low Mill time 2019!

Low Mill Day 1 for 6A Arrived nice and early, ate our packed lunches and then set off for our first activity - caving, canoeing and abseiling. Tea was fish and chips, followed by treacle pudding. We were so hungry and the food was so delicious, we didn't stop to take a photo of the fish and chips! Then we enjoyed a night walk and after a cup of hot chocolate, tucked ourselves up in bed by 10pm. Yay! Day 1 done.....


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