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A message to Y6 pupils from your teachers at Ireland Wood

And so it is here,
The 11th of May
But SATs have been cancelled,
At home we must stay.

The classrooms are empty
Its walls are not bare.
The tests won't be given,
As we are not there.

No early SATs breakfasts
No worries to quell,
We're staying apart
To keep us all well.

It still feels unreal
What a strange summer term
But SATs never measure
All that you've learned.

Your jokes aren't examined,
For love, there's no test
There#s no measure of friendship
At these, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Year 6, we are so proud
Of all you've achieved.
To us, You're amazing.
In you, we believe.

So don't feel disheartened
And don't feel so blue,
Because SATs are not needed
To prove you are YOU!

From Your Teachers x