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The focus for 2019-20 will be CLIMATE CHANGE.

Everyone was given a copy of Greta Thunberg's book 'No one is too small to make a difference' to help ignite conversations at our meetings.

Catherine, one of our parent governors, applied for our school to receive 10 copies of this text. We are very thankful to her and the Big Green Bookshop.
Melissa Harrison (author) and the Big Green Bookshop, started this Crowdfunder, with the idea of trying to raise money to supply 100 schools with 10 copies each. This was very successful they've been able to supply over 800 schools in the UK.

International School Council 2019-20

International School Council 2018-19
Y6 - Lacie and Abigail
Y5 - Hayden and Brooke
Y4 - Amelie and Kian
Y3 - Lola and Amalie

Ewden Water Treatment Works

The International School Council chose WATER as their project focus for 2018-19. During Summer Term 2 they visited a Water Treatment Works. They will be sharing their experience with the rest of their class. The children had a great time and behaved very well!

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Ewden Water Treatment Works
International School Council minutes 2018-19
International School Counil 2017-18

Say hello to this year's International School Council!

Suhima - Y6
Luke - Y3
Laila - Y3
Logan - Y3
Cait - Y4
Scarlett - Y4
Molly-Rose - Y5
Kayden - Y5
Sarah Alani - Y6

Global Warming vlog

Here are the rest of our Global Warming video tips! Please do what you can to save energy - and who knows, you might end up saving a bit of money too!

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International School Council Global Warming Vlog!

This year the International School COuncil have been doing some work on Global Warming. We decided to put together a series of mini vlogs to give you advice about all the small things you can do that will make a BIG difference to the world!

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This year our Key Stage 2 representatives are:


International School Council minutes 2016-17

Meetings take place at different schools throughout the cluster each half term.

Fairtrade Celebration 2017

Our International School Council helped Leeds DEC to plan this event. On the day, the children enjoyed learning lots about Fairtrade in Leeds. The children were excited to lead a workshop to others schools and had very positive feedback. Their activity was called 'Dice Dilemma'. The International School Council have been selling Fairtrade products in school to raise awareness to our community.

Refugee Day at Ralph Thoresby

The members of the International School Council from Adel, Adel St John, Iveson and Ireland Wood all got together for an activity day. They imagined that they had just started a new school after arriving in the UK as a refugee. The children explored what it would be like not to understand the language, created a drama about their journey, discussed what they would take and even made a temporary home. At the end of the day, we sang 'Everybody belongs' and watched our film 'Leeds welcomes refugees'. Thanks to RTHS for hosting this special day.

Fairtrade celebration at Leeds Civic Hall
International School Council Filming Day

The children from ESNW cluster in LS16 made a film to show migrants what a day in school is like. They had a great day working together. Adel, Adel St John, Iveson and Cookridge joined us here at Ireland Wood to film.


This year our representatives from Key Stage 2 are:
Millie and Sumaya Y3
Kayden and Swaydee Y4
Basima and Emily Y5
Katie and Charlie Y6

International School Council minutes

Meetings take place at different schools throughout the cluster each half term.

Autumn 1 meeting at Ireland Wood

Children from the Iveson, Holy Trinity and Adel joined together for the first cluster International School Council meeting of the year. They had a great time planning ideas for 2015/16.

ESNW Cluster film entry - Agents of ChangeThe cluster primary school have worked together to produce and entry for Leeds DEC 'Agents of Change' film competition. The children chose inspirational role models to base the film on and they also shared key ideas about teamwork, partnerships and their commitment to international work.
Cluster International School Council meeting - Spring term

Adel Primary hosted the International School Council meeting. The children were so excited to see another school in the cluster. Children from Adel St John, Holy Name, Holy Trinity and Iveson also attended. As well as our regular meeting we were lucky enough to be able to meet Sarah and Cindy from Adel's partner school in South Africa. Thank you Adel for a great afternoon. Please read the minutes.

International School Council meeting

We meet up with local cluster schools to discuss global, national and local issues surrounding our community.
We are so pleased to have Adel Primary School join this year.

Meeting the Lord Mayor

Isobel, Cameron and Joshua were chosen to meet the Lord Mayor of Leeds. They met outside the Civic Hall to help launch a Fairtrade Birthday card competition across Leeds. Have a look at the DEC for more information.

Fairtrade celebration

International School Council representatives Kai, Caitlin, Bayleigh and Amelia attended Leeds' 10th Fairtrade birthday party at the Civic Hall. It was a great afternoon with lots of guests including the Lord Mayor and Greg Mullholland MP. Aimeth, a banana farmer from Columbia also attended promoting the campaign to 'STICK WITH FONCHO'. The children led a 'Fairtrade Senses' game where people had to identify different Fairtrade products. This proved a very popular activity. Well done children!

Fairtrade fortnight 2014

Aimeth, a banana farmer from Columbia, led a brilliant assembly to launch Fairtrade fortnight. Children from Rawdon Littlemoor, Holy Name and Bramhope joins us for a question and answer session. We also ran a Fairtrade sale after school. To end the week the International School Council attended Leeds' 10th Fairtrade birthday party.

International School Award

Ireland Wood Primary School has been re-accredited with the International School Award 2013 - 2016.
Global workshop 8.7.14

Children from Year 3 and 4 worked hard learning about the 'garment industry'. They workshop was led by with Hannah from Leeds, DEC. The children discovered that lots of items are made in Asia and identified countries on a map. They imagined that they were factory worked and found out about pay and conditions. The children were very reflective and learnt a lot.

International School award letter

Please read more about this exciting award. The children should be very proud of all the excellent international work.

International School Council 2013/14

Amelia and Isolbel Y3
Bayleigh and Joshua Y4
Cameron and Shannon Y5
Kai and Caitlin Y6

International School Council 2013/14

These children were elected as class representatives. They meet with Miss Lansdowne twice a half term to discuss global issues.

Cluster International School Council - Community of languages

We all found out how many different languages were spoken in our schools. Ireland Wood found there to be 16! Each International School Council are now working on a display in their own schools.

Cluster International School Council meetings

Once a half term, they have a cluster with the International School Councils from Iveson, Cookridge, Holy Name Primary.

Al Ain, UAE
We are connected to an International School in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Miss Wood (who taught at Ireland Wood for 3 years) now teaches and lives in Al Ain.
We look forward to hearing all about her new adventures.
Fairtrade events at Leeds Civic Hall

18th October 2013

Kai, Cameron, Bayleigh and Isobel from this year’s Imternational School Council accompanied Miss Lansdowne to the Civic Hall where they took part in a Fairtrade celebration.

They took away lots of ideas to share at school.

The children loved attending the event and even managed to have a look inside the Council Chamber.

18th January 2013

Yorkshire has now become the first region in the UK to become a Fairtrade one.

Grace and Bobbi (Y3 Int. Sch. Council representatives) joined Hilary Benn (MP), Greg Mulholland (MP) and the Lord Mayor at another fantastic event at the Civic Hall.

They took part in lots of different activities and even won a competition. They received lots of Fairtrade goodies and tried some of the celebration cake.

23rd October 2012

Four representatives from the International School Council spent the afternoon celebrating Fairtrade work across the city.

The Lord Mayor opened the celebration event led by Leeds DEC and shares the news that Leeds is yet again a Fairtrade City.

We are now linked with Char Nun Khawa Primary School in Kurrigram, Bangladesh.

We launched our new partnership in school with a special Bangladesh day. KS2 learnt about the History and Geography of the country during an assembly then were challenged to reseacrh more in class. KS1 enjoyed spending time making some flags and badges.

Y3 and Y5 looked at some typical art found in Bangladesh and tried to re-create their own versions.

Wendy, our school cook, made a wonderful themed lunch. The children loved sampling the international cuisine. We listen to traditional music while we ate too.

We look forward to finding out more about Bangladesh and working with our partner school in the future.
Ireland Wood's International School Council 2012/13

Meet the 2012-13 International School Council:
Y3 -Bobbi and Grace
Y4 - Jayden and Kiera
Y5 -Mikael and Josh Fox
Y6 -Rebecca and Abdualla

The children meet regularly with Miss Lansdowne to discuss global issues and plan activities.

Connecting Classrooms Project

Through British Council funding we were able to become connected with schools in Nigeria and South Africa and formed Connecting Classrooms.

The project connects our school with two local Leeds schools (Iveson and Cookridge Primary) with three schools in South Africa and three in Nigeria.

Over a period of three years, three visits involving the nine schools took place.

Year 1 - Visit to the Leeds, UK
Year 2 - Visit to Cape Town, South Africa
Year 3 - Visit to Lagos, Nigeria

The schools took part in yearly global projects and worked collaboratively together.

Although, the project has now ended we will continue our links.

French Breakfast

For European Day of Languages, we had a French Breakfest! C'etait magnifique!