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Ofsted 2017

Ireland Wood Primary School was inspected, under the OFSTED framework, by an external inspector in January 2017. Below is a brief overview of our current data 2016-18.

Ireland Wood Primary School was inspected, under the OFSTED framework, by a team of external inspectors in July 2013.

The OFSTED team published a very comprehensive report, which is available on

The report recognises many of the strengths and attributes of the school.
  • Teachers are very skilled at preparing lessons which cater well for every pupil, especially those with special educational needs and those for whom English is an additional language.
  • Pupils are very happy and eager to learn and their behaviour is outstanding.
  • In this highly inclusive school, all pupils are given rich opportunities through a stimulating curriculum which promotes their spiritual, social, moral and cultural development exceptionally well.
In the main body of the report there are a number of more specific areas highlighted. These include:
  • The schools procedures for safeguarding pupils was judged as outstanding.
  • Development, resources and standards in I.C.T. are very good.
  • The way in which school develops healthy lifestyles,link with parents and carers and promote community cohesion is outstanding.
  • Pupil's attitude to school and work, behaviour (in and out of class) and relationships and partnerships are very good.
  • Wide range of extra curricular activities.
  • Use of support staff is excellent.
  • Excellent procedures for Staff Development.
We all feel that this is an excellent report and reflects the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of all the staff. It is also a tribute to the support we receive from School Governors and parents and to the attitude and responsibility of the pupils.