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Our Immersive Learning curriculum is built upon inspirational teaching and learning opportunities that allow children to learn in a way that motivates and interests them. We believe in a hands on, immersive approach to learning; one that ignites curiosity and stimulates a sense of engagement. When children leave our school they will have experienced a quality education which has broadened their horizons, developed their all-round potential and given them the view that education is an enriching and enjoyable lifetime process.

The children will learn many subjects under one umbrella; we call this ‘Immersive Learning’. In  Y1 - Y6, our immersive curriculum is delivered through carefully chosen termly topics that combine the Foundation Subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design & Technology, Computing, RE, MFL, PE and Music) with Core Subjects such as English, and Maths and Science where possible. In Foundation Stage, the children learn through shorter topics that maintain children's interests and combine all 7 areas of learning. We believe that our topics are a 'vehicle for learning'. 

Throughout their time at Ireland Wood, the children access many exciting experiences and opportunities including educational trips and visitors in school. We also make use of our local area and like to visit local businesses and communities. Some of our visits this year have included; Skipton Castle and York Chocolate Factory! We have also had visits from James Nash and have taken part in a Mayan Workshop. 

There are so many benefits to organising our curriculum in this way:

  • children learn the necessary skills to be successful independent and motivated learners for now and in readiness for the next stage of their education
  • children acquire vocabulary (subject specific and specialist)
  • all subjects (not just Reading, Writing and Maths) are given the same value and status
  • children are taught to make links between the subjects taught and their daily lives.
  • opportunities for all children to be included and for all children make progress
 Each termly topic is launched with an 'Immersive Learning Day' - this 'hooks' the children, launches the topic and immerses the children in their learning environment. Through acquiring key knowledge, skills and understanding, the children become ‘experts’ in their topics. Under each subject page you will find the subject Long Term Plan, detailing the coverage and progression across the school. 

If you would like to find out more about our
curriculum, please contact us via the school email address: or on 0113 267 8032.
Whole - School Curriculum Overview 
Autumn Term
Foundation Stage: Marvellous Me / Let's Celebrate
Year 1 - Lets Go Travelling
Year 2 - Victorians 

Year 3 - Ancient Egyptians
Year 4 - Mayans

Year 5 - Ancient Greece
Year 6 - World War 1 & World War 2

Spring Term

Foundation Stage: Around the World / Growing
 Year 1 - Seaside 
Year 2 - Hakuna Matata

Year 3- The Rainforest
Year 4- Explore Europe

 Year 5 - Wild Waters 
Year 6 - Natural Disasters

Summer Term

Foundation Stage: All Creatures Great and Small / A Long Time Ago
Year 1 - Fire Fire!
Year 2 - Explorers

Year 3 - Through the Ages 
Year 4 - Romans

Year 5 - Saxons & Vikings 
Year 6 - Crime & Punishment 
Whole School Immersive Learning Overview