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Learning and Working Together

When the children arrive at Ireland Wood they bring with them a range and wealth of experience and skills, which the school in partnership with parents, will build upon and develop.

Throughout the school we will foster a welcoming, caring, secure environment which stimulates and encourages the child in the learning process. All staff are committed to ensuring that all children achieve the highest academic standards they can. Each child will be valued and respected and be given the opportunity to experience success in order to develop a feeling of worth and positive self-image.

Children will be encouraged to appreciate others and to develop attitudes of tolerance, care and concern. Relationships and practices within the school will reflect and foster all these views and will be evident not only in the formal curriculum but in all our activities.

When children leave school they will have experienced a quality education which has broadened their horizons, developed their all round potential and given them the view that education is an enriching and enjoyable lifetime process.

  1. To ensure that every child, regardless of race, ability, religion or gender, achieves the highest academic standards that they can.
  2. To provide a happy, stimulating and stable environment where every child feels secure and safe.
  3. To provide, through the framework of the National Curriculum, National Strategies and the Foundation Stage curriculum, a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which is matched to individual needs and ability so encouraging and enabling every child to develop their full potential.
  4. To develop a partnership between home and school that is beneficial and supportive for the child.
  5. To develop a sense of caring, respect and courtesy towards others and our environment.
  6. To foster high expectations of responsibility and behaviour.
  7. To ensure that all children have equality of opportunity.
  8. To help children develop personally, morally and spiritually, gaining respect for other religions and acceptance of other cultures.
  9. To foster the development of attitudes and skills that will give children increasing control over their own lives and so enable them to contribute positively to the local and wider community.
  10. To support all children in the development of a healthy lifestyle.
  11. To ensure that each child’s achievements are celebrated.
  12. To ensure that all staff are committed to the Safeguarding of Children agenda.