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Science is enjoyed as part of our 'Creative Curriculum' through termly topic questions.  Children also enjoy weekly science lessons in KS2. This year we will be completing a 'Science Week' where children will have the oppertuinty to complete a range of scientific investigations.

The focus for Science this year will be to further develop and encourage invesigative skills; ensuring that cover the 6 strands of the Science curriculum. These are: fair tests, exploring, observations over time, pattern seeking, problem solving and sorting and classifying.

For more information about working scientifically, check out this website:

If you would like to get more involved and try some cool and fun science experiments at home, this website has lots of fun and interesting ideas on how you can!

Watch this space to find out more about what the children have been getting up to!
Year 6 Leaf Hunt

To further our Classification understanding in year 6, we completed a leaf hunt around our school grounds. On completion, we used the leaves to create a branching diagram to classify the leaves based on their characteristics.

Y6 Science Autumn 1

As we approach the time when we shall be venturing to high school, we have been developing our skills at formulating, carrying out and recording science investigations. This half term, we have been furthering our knowledge of circuits in Electricity and coming up with our own hypothesis to explore!

Science Week

During March, we held a Science Week bring Science to life. the mission for Science Week 2017 was: BRING LIFE TO MARS!! Every class was given a task to complete to help our mission. during the week we also held a Science Fair to demonstrate some of the wonders of science. These included: - Making green slime - Looking at fossils - Exploring exploding Coke Here are a few pictures from our fabulous week.