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Golden Owl Awards

Mrs Broadbent and 4 lovely children were fortunate enough to attend the prestigious Golden Owl Awards last night. We got lots of inspiration for our entry next year and met some famous faces!

Put a nose on it!

Year 5 have had a great day for Red Nose Day. We have all come to school in our PJs and have even explored quicksand as part of our Science Week. What a busy day!

5B Otley visit

5B have had a very exciting and very exhausting day in Otley and on the chevin today. They will definitely sleep well tonight!

Yorkshire Food - March 2017

We tasted lots of foods which have origins in Yorkshire. Some we liked, some we didn't! It was good fun though.

5C visit Otley - March 2017

5C enjoyed their visit to Otley. We conducted some fieldwork in the town centre and then enjoyed exploring the chevin. Great weather for a great day out!

World Book Day!

We have spent today celebrating our favourite books. We even dressed up as some famous characters. Can you spot your favourite?

Spring Term 2 - What makes Yorkshire a great place to live?

Our topic for Spring 2 is all about Yorkshire.

E-Safety - February 2017

We learned all about Safety-Selfies and how to keep ourselves safe when taking and sharing selfies.

NSPCC Number Day

Last Friday was NSPCC Number Day and we had lots of fun in year 5. We came dressed in mathematical clothing and took part in maths-themed activities.

Islam afternoon - January 2017

Some children brought things from home to celebrate and share their religion with the rest of the class. Everyone had a great time looking at different clothes, objects and tasting a range of different food. Great fun all round!

More Bouldering - January 2017

Some more from bouldering. Half of Y5 have now visited. Half still to go (and really excited about it too!).


We have been writing adverts to persuade people to buy our products. We even got out the 'green screen' to film them with! Here are some of the videos we created.

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Islamic Art Printing - January 2017

As part of our topic on Islam, we have looked at Islamic art and have designed some of our own. We thought about our design, transferred it onto a polystyrene tile and then printed them in a range of different colours. The final results look great!

Science - Spring Term 2017

We are having a great time learning about different materials and their properties. We have been carrying out lots of investigations and thinking scientifically.

Robotics - January 2017

A few of us were lucky to attend a Robotics day with other local schools. More robotics to follow for the rest of Y5 later in the year.


Our first group of climbers went to The Lab today and had a fantastic morning trying out the sport of bouldering. We were very impressed with every child's behaviour - you represented our school fantastically! We can't wait to take the rest of Year 5.

Parents' Guide - Leeds Climbing Lab

Here is the Parents' Guide to Leeds Climbing Lab. We are really looking forwards to visiting and having a go at bouldering. If you haven't yet returned your slip, but would like to go, there are still a few places left!

Sports Leaders - January 2017

This half term, we are going to become Sports Leaders in PE. The first week involved giving clear instructions and understanding the importance of verbal communication.

Problem Solving - January 2017

Every fortnight, Y5 and Y6 join together for Problem Solving. It is great to work with different children and work collaboratively. This week, the problem involved mixed up tea cups and saucers.

Maths Fraction Fun - January 2017

We have started our Fractions, Decimals and Percentages topic in Maths with lots of hands-on and practical activities.

Spring Term 1 - Is Islam like any other religions I know?

We are looking forwards to starting our new topic for this half term, and have already started thinking about the questions we would like to know the answers to.