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This term, the children will be learning all about the Anglo-Saxons (before half term) and the Vikings (after half term)! As part of their learning, they will research Anglo-Saxon society, battles and gore and the architecure of long-boats, even creating their own ships to imagine sailing the world in.  

The children will be reading 'Beowulf' and developing playscripts based on the book. The children will also create a newspaper article on a gory batttle and finally delve into some poetry. After term, with a focus on Vikings, the children will be reading 'Odd and the frost giants' and creating an adventure story themed around this as well as writing non-chronological reports in relation the residential to the Jorvik centre. 

The children will continue to follow White Rose Maths small steps continuing work on Decimals with a focus on subtraction, addition and multiplication. Additionally, we will be looking at some Statistics, Shapes (with a focus on angles), Volume, Converting Units, Negative Numbers and Position and Direction.

The children will be learning about Animals including Humans with a focus on humans developing from birth to old age before half term. Following half term, we will be looking at living things and their habitats focusing on life cycles.  
Immersive Day

For our Immersive Day, the Year 5 children completed a series of creative challenges to explore more about the start of their new history topic: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This included completing challenges in an escape room, investigating Anglo-Saxon artefacts and creating Anglo-Saxon brooches.

Leeds Child Mayor Civic Hall Visit

This term, four children from Year 5 visited Leeds Civic Hall to learn more about applying to be Leeds Child Mayor 2023-24. Here is Mohammed's amazing speech!

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Stop Motion Setting Models

Over the past half term, the children have been learning about and creating scene setting designs for a stop motion video. Here are some of our incredible examples!