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Learning in Spring Term

This term, the children will be learning all about Wild Waters! As part of their learning, they will research rivers in Yorkshire and around the world, take a closer look at rivers in North America (including a look at Niagara Falls) and learn more about the environmental issues facing our planet such as water pollution.  

The children will be reading 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' and developing detailed character descriptions based on the book. The children will also develop an explanation text on the life cycle of Salmon based on "An incredible journey", write a cinquain poem about themselves and create a persuasive speech about looking after the environment.   

The children will be continuing their work on multiplication, division and fractions, introducing them to timesing 2-digit numbers (by 2-digit, 3-digit and 4-digit numbers) and short division. Their work on fractions will involve decimals this term and we will finish the term with some work on perimeter and area and statistics.  

The children will be learning about Space. 
Immersive Day

We had a jam-packed Immersive Day with lots of fun activities related to our new Wild Waters topic: we created art work inspired by Yorkshire rivers; tested out different materials for sandbags; completed a few puzzles about flooding; create rafts that could float and carry a load (a stamp/rubber definitely count!); completed a map of the largest rivers around the world and put on our detective hats to solve lots of puzzles and "Escape the Rapids"!

Snow day work

Please find below some short Mathematics and English work which the children can complete (relating to our current decimals and persuasive speech topics). You could also use the time to practice your spellings or time tables. Enjoy the snow! :)

DT challenge!

The Year 5 children tried to make bridges using only marshmallows and spaghetti in preparation for their hydraulic bridge project.

Hydraulic Bridges project

For our DT project this half-term, the children were challenged to create a bridge using hydraulics. Here are some of their prototypes!

World Water Day Assembly

Speakers from across both Year 5 classes were very persuasive in their assembly to raise school awareness for Water Water Day on March 22nd .

World Book Day

We had a fun time celebrating World Book Day with activities full of creativity, reading and laughter!

World Number Day

We had fun celebrating all things maths for World Number Day! A visit from a Maths magician was a particular highlight which the children enjoyed immensely.