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Temple Newsam School Trip

We had a wonderful time on our school trip learning all about the Great Fire of London. Did you know that flour was flammable? Historians think that all the flour in Thomas Farriner's bakery helped make the fire so big.


In Year 1 we have been thinking about Black History. We have been reading a book called "The Spots and the Dots". They live on different sides of the same hill but have always been warned not to play with each other. However when the red spot and the blue dot speak to each other they realise they can be friends. We hope you like the artwork inspired by the story.

Science - Material

In science we have been learning about how different materials are used for different objects. Today we had a lot of fun investigating which materials changed shape!

Great Fire of London

Today we started to learn about the Great Fire of London. We had a wonderful time learning about Samuel Pepys and why we buried his wine, cheese and papers to save them from the fire. We were amazed to find cheese, wine and a painting of the Great Fire in our school fields! We then used tissue paper and card to make a scene of the Great Fire of London to put on our classroom windows. We had a fantastic time painting and decorating our classroom.

Fire Engine Visit

Today we were visited by Firefighters from Cookridge Fire Station. We were all super excited and we learnt a lot about what a firefighter does.


Today we went on an autumn hunt and talked about why we wear coats in autumn. We realised that it grows colder and we need different clothes. One of us had noticed that in summer it is hard to go to sleep because it is sunny but now it is autumn it is dark at bedtime. We spotted lots of signs of autumn, including pumpkins!