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Year 2 Spellings

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Summer Newsletter

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Summer Homework Grid

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Continents and Oceans

Today we looked at the continents and oceans of the world. we wanted to find out more about Africa because our letter is from Nana who lives in Nairobi in Kenya. We know that Kenya is a country in Africa.

Science - Plants

Today we planted seeds into soil and watered them. We are hoping that they will grow in the sunshine.

Maths - Data and Statistics

Today we looked at the different colours of skittles. How could we represent the data? We decided to use a tally chart. As a bonus we ate the skittles after we completed our work!

Art - Collage

Today we used tissue paper to create an African sunset. We hope you like our silhouettes!

Science - Plants

Today we found several common garden and wild plants. We were very lucky that Pasha's Dad had a rose in his garden that he could show us!

Clay Pots

We have been using clay to make clay pots. Today we used paint to decorate them. We all had lots of fun painting them. What do you think?

Leeds Rhinos Rugby Session

We had a brilliant first Rugby session training with a Leeds Rhinos coach.

Healthy Eating

Today we made a cheesecake with one broken up digestive biscuit, fat free yogurt and strawberries. We had lots of fun and it was a delicious dessert after our Jubilee lunch.


Today we used a compass and a map to navigate successfully to destinations in our playground!

Yorkshire Wild Life Park

We had a wonderful time learning all about the different animals in the continent of Africa.