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 We love Art and Design at Ireland Wood Primary 
School! Here is a large scale painting depicting the 

traditional Mayan story, The Hummingbird King. 

Each part of the painting was completed in small 
collaborative teams in Year 3.


We love these chalk sketches of polar bears and felt tip self-portraits done by Reception!

Fantastic designing and model making in Reception using different materials! These space rockets are out of this world!    

Careful print work to create fantastic castles in Year 2!  


Year 2's Great Fire of London artwork:
a cut-out building silhouette against a mixed media background makes an effective piece of art!      

    More awesome art and design work

    based on The Great Fire of London

   by Year 2 

Year 3 watercolour artwork inspired by French artist, Henri Rousseau.

Practising using watercolours...

 Year 1 created AWESOME Queen Victoria Pop Art in the style of 
American artist, Andy Warhol!