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I like baking new things and getting to taste them.

I enjoy planning and making things that can move. 

The lessons are fun. 

We learn how to make new things.

I am looking forward to learning woodwork skills and using a drill and saw to make it perfect.
It would help us if we want to be an architect. 

You can become better at bulding stuff.

If you want to get new furniture you will know how to put it together and measure if it will fit. 

It will help us to do jobs at home like put up a shelf because we will know how to use a saw and drill. 

It will make us better at cooking and know how to make stuff. 

We can be healthy and clean. 
'My favourite thing that I have made is my castle that had a moving drawbridge' - Year 2 

'I liked finding out about and making Mayan masks' - Year 3 

'I really enjoyed it when we designed and made chocolate lollies. They tasted yummy!' - Year 4 

'I am looking forward to make a moving bridge.' - Year 6