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I like History because you get to reflect on the olden days and see how it was back then, compared to how it is now - Colleen 5 Robins 
I like trying different foods from different time periods! - Eden 5 Robins 
I like learning about gruesome things that used to happen. - Millie 5 Robins 
I like the way we learn History because we do different activites and it is fun. - Abigail 5 Robins 
I like to learn what has happened before we came. - Mia 5 Robins 
I like learning about inspirational people, like Harriet Tubman, who have made a difference. - Isla 6 Kestrels 
I find it very fascinating to learn about the past and compare it to the present. - Olive 4 Badgers 
You could teach younger children that it is okay to be different and that everybody is equal. We learned these skills during Black History Month. - Bella 5 Robins 
You could become a mini archaeologist and help to get clues from artefacts about a time period. - Millie 5 Robins 
We can learn respect for other people and their cultures. - Sami 4 Badgers 
We can stand up to racism and discrimination. - Tom 6 Kestrels