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Immersive Learning Day

Look through all of the incredible historical enquiries and fantastic learning that took place on our immersive learning day!

Year 6 Ancient Greece Theatre Day

Year 6 spent a day exploring the importance of theatre during the Ancient Greek era. We studied the myth of Medusa and looked in detail at the props and outfits worn by Ancient Greek men during performances.

Whole School Platinum Jubilee Competition

Here are some of the proud winners from our Platinum Jubilee art competition. Well done!

Year 5 Anglo-Saxon Timeline Work
KS2 Display Work
KS1 Display Work
Year 5 and 6 Holocaust Memorial Day

Year 5 and 6 marked Holocaust Memorial Day through artwork, drama, English and PSHE. We remembered how important it is to stand against prejudice and hatred and to remember those who were murdered for who they were.

EYFS Past and Present
Year 2 Castles, Pages and Knights
Year 4 Mayan Clay Gods
Year 5 Holocaust Workshop