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2022 | YTCC

Happy New Year!

We have made a great start to the term and we hope your children are looking forward to all of the exciting and interesting events and activities we have coming up.
IWPS Little Things Homework
Science - Earth and Space

Our science topic this term is Earth and Space. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we have been learning.

Immersive Learning Day - Wild Water

To begin our Wild Water topic, Year 5 took part in an 'Immersive learning day'. Throughout the day, we researched the features of a river, painted a beautiful river scene and wrote our own Haiku poem. We also spent some time looking at the availability of water on Earth.

Design Technology - Bridges

To accompany our Wild Water topic, Year 5 will be researching, designing and building bridges. Keep an eye on the pictures below to track our progress.

Number Day

Today we participated in NSPCC Number Day. Throughout the day, we have completed lots of different Math related activities. In addition to this, we spent time researching a presenting the different ways Math is used outside the classroom!