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Children in KS1 will be given a set of spellings to learn. These are spellings from the new National Curriculum. The spellings for each year group are taken from the spelling patterns and from the list of common exception words (as listed in the curriculum). Most of the children in each class will be working on the same spellings and these will be taught regularly throughout the week in short bursts. At Ireland Wood, spellings are tested on a Wednesday. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings at home on the spellings homework sheets that are sent home weekly.


Children in KS2 learn their spellings through Spelling Shed. Spelling Shed is an online resource which allows the children to practise their spellings interactively online. It has been proven to increase engagement in spelling and secure knowledge in key spelling patterns. It is fun, interactive and tailored to suit the needs of your child.

How it works:

Each child in KS2 will be provided with a log-in code and password. The website can be accessed through the internet browser. There is an app but there is no requirement to purchase this. Each week, there will be an opportunity provided for the children to practise their spellings in school. However, we also encourage spelling shed to be accessed at home at least once a week for your child’s spelling homework. Different assignments will be set each week and your child’s access to spelling shed will be monitored by teachers. If you are unable to access Spelling Shed at home, we will ensure your child has greater opportunity at school.

A weekly spelling test will continue to take place on a Wednesday morning. The test will link directly to the word learnt via Spelling Shed. A copy of the spelling lists for the term is available on the school website in your the class galleries.


We believe that there is a close relationship between handwriting and spelling. In Reception, the children learn to form their letters correctly in print formation. The children learn to form their letters in pre-cursive in Year 1 (with lead in and lead out lines). This continues into KS1 and KS2 where the children are taught to use joined up handwriting so that the flow of the hand takes them through the word. Looking back at their work they are encouraged to see which words do not appear to be correct.


Handwriting Certificates

We celebrate effort and progress in handwriting through awarding certificates. The children aim to receiving a pen license from Mr Blackburn, but are guided on their journey through being taught the specific skills required during weekly handwriting lessons.

Progression in Handwriting

Please find attached our handwriting expectations from Reception - Year 6.