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Eruption of Mount Vesuvius Music soundscape

Year 3 used instruments and their bodies to create sounds that reflected the city of Pompeii before, during and after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The children had some excellent ideas and really captured the changes.

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PSHE - March 2022

In PSHE we are thinking about what impacts the foods that people buy in the supermarket. Today we looked at branding. We compared two different types of cookies, smart price and maryland. We compared the cost, packaging, appearance of the biscuits and the taste. Although they were most expensive, most of the children preferred the maryland biscuits because they had more chocolate chips, the packaging was brighter and they contained sustainable palm oil.

Mirror reflection Science

Year 3 explored how light bounces off the mirrors to reflect into our eyes.. We wrote messages and looked at how the reflection made the messages look backwards.

Science - Light - March 2022

Today we were investigation which objects/materials were most reflective. We found out that mirrors/CDs were most reflective because they were shiny. Other objects such as wood were not reflective.

Romans Immersive Learning Day

The pupils in year 3 had an excellent day learning about the Romans. They designed and made Roman shields which they used to reinact a battle scene and to complete a march. Pupils also enjoyed training to become a Roman soldier and learnt lots of different skills needed to pass the training course.

World Book Day 2022

We had some excellent book characters in Year 3 today. The children really got into their characters and had some great stories to tell about their characters. Can you guess the characters?

Roman Invasion

Year 3 spent the lesson learning about how and why the Romans chose to invade Britain. They then reenacted the battle that took place between the Romans and the Celts using the shields they had made.

Science Plants Investigation

Year 3 carried out an investigation to find out how a flower transports water up the stem. We added food colouring to water to see if it changed the colour of the flower.

Movements in dance

Year 3 have been working on different movements that resemble how the mechanics of a clock work. They worked really hard this week to come up with their own sections of dance for 2 counts of 8.

NSPCC Number Day 04.02.22

Year 3 had an excellent morning completing lots of fun Maths activities for NSPCC Number Day. They used money to buy items from a toy shop. Used lollipop sticks to make different 2D shapes. Measured items around the classroom using cm and metres. Weighed different items around the classroom using grams, heaviest and lightest.