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Children in Need 2021

Year 4 had a brilliant afternoon learning about Children in Need and why we raise money to support this charity. We also took part in Joe Wicks exercise quiz which they were brilliant at.

Remembrance Day

This week we spoke about Remembrance Day and why it is an important event which takes place each year. The children loved discussing about why we wear poppies, signs of respect and even went on to create some incredible art work!

Layers of the Rainforest!

As part of our Immersive Learning Day, the children were challenged to create their given layer of the rainforest using boxers and other materials in groups. Here was one of the final products, they did a fantastic job!

Mayan Workshop

We started our new topic of the Marvelous Mayan's with a bang through completing a fun Mayan Workshop. The children created a physical timeline and learned about chocolate and sacrifice.

Ancient Maya- 4 Otters

Here is some of our wonderful work so far related to our new topic. We have researched, designed and created some Mayan masks which look brilliant. We also drew our names using the Mayan alphabet which was very tricky!

Chocolate Making!

Year 4 had so much fun creating chocolate lollipops as part of their Mayan topic. They used hair dryers to melt the chocolate and decorated them with a range of delicious toppings.

Deep in the Rainforest Immersive Learning Day

During our immersive learning day, the children took part in their very own Bush Tucker Trial. Would you have been brave enough to eat: fish eyes, sloth droppings or a cockroach smoothie?