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Year 3 P.E days Autumn (October - December 2021)

3 Foxes - Monday and Tuesday

3 Hedgehogs - Monday and Wednesday 
Year 3 Autumn newsletter
Science - Magnets - November 2021

Today we explored the strength of different magnets. We investigated how many paperclips each type of magnet could hold.

Odd Socks day - Anti Bullying - November 2021

Today was odd socks day. We did lots of work on what bullying was. We created leaves using one kind word and thought about the traits we would like to have in a friend.

Maths - multiplication and division - November 2021

In Maths we have started our new unit on Multiplication and division. We started off with making equal groups and explaining our reasoning.

Clay Gods - October 2021

After learning all about Mayan Gods, we designed our own. Today we used clay to make 3D models of our Gods. Have a look at what we made.

Science - Rocks - September 2021

Today we investigated how rocks can change over time by placing different rocks in water and shaking them up. We made sure our test was fair by putting them in the shame container and shaking 100 times. Have a look at our photos and see what we found out!

Mayan Workshop 16.9.21
Mayan Masks - September 2021

We learnt about the different types of Mayan masks - event mask, battle mask and death mask. We designed and made our own. See what you think!

Mayans Immersive learning day - September 2021

Today we started our topic all about the Mayans. We received a letter from King Pakal telling us that we needed to complete a few tasks so that we can join Mayan civilisation. We found out about the alphabet and created our own Mayan names - see if you can work out whos name it is. We also researched and designed Mayan masks and created our own outfit. We also had a go at playing a Mayan ball game called 'Pok to Pok'. It was very tricky - we had to get the ball into the hoop without using our hands and feet!!