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The Four Mathematical Operations

We have attached how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and the methods we teach how to solve questions in year 2. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Shepherd or Miss Dickson.

Grammar in Year 2

We have attached the grammar that is taught in year 2. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Shepherd or Miss Dickson.

Homework Grids

Children will be provided with these homework grids for their homework books. Homework should be completed each week and returned to class by Thursday to be marked and given out to children on Friday. Please contact Mrs Shepherd or Miss Dickson if you have any queries.

Spellings Year 2

These are the spellings that the children will be learning each week. The spelling test in Year 2 will be on a Wednesday. Spellings will be sent home each Wednesday.


We are learning about materials in science. We looked at different materials and thought about what properties they had.


In maths we are learning all about numbers and place value. We looked at 2 digit numbers and thought about how many tens and ones there were in each number.

Once upon a Time - 13.9.21

Today we entered our classroom to find golden eggs, feathers and a broken beanstalk. There were giant footprints and an emergency call from a giant who was lost in our school. We worked hard to make our classroom like a castle so that the giant felt at home. We will be helping him get back to his castle in the sky this term.


In English we are reading and learning about Jack and the Beanstalk - so that we can help the giant lost in our school back to his castle. Today, we used drama to imagine how the characters felt at different parts of the story. As you can tell the children were terrified when they heard the giant thudding through the castle and hid to keep safe!


We have been learning about the different features of castles. We designed and made a moving drawbridge - we thought carefully about what materials to use and why.

Pages and Knights

We have been learning about Pages and Knights who lived in castles long ago. This week we have cleaned rusty armour and learnt to sew. We even had time to relax and play a game of chess. Did you know Pages started to train as a Knight from the age of 6?

National Poetry Day 2021

On national poetry day we celebrated reading and performing poems. We hope you like our performance!

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Science - Material

In Science, we decided to find out which material would breach the castle wall. We also made predictions and worked out how to make the test fair. We were surprised by our results - especially when the paper ball damaged the wall!

Castle and Knights October 2021

We had a visit from Captain Dantastic who discussed castles and knights. We learnt about the feudal system and how to dance as if we were in the Middle Ages.

A Visit from a Dragon

It looks like year 2 had a visit from a mysterious dragon. The children discussed the dragon and thought of questions to ask him.

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Art and Design

After the children learnt about what a Knight's helmet looked like they designed and made fabulous moving helmets. The helmet was made out of two parts and split pins allowed it to move. We hope you agree the helmets are amazing.


As a school we celebrated Odd Socks Day. The children worked hard and decided that it is rather wonderful that we are all different. We also thought about being kind and how we can be kind friends.

Science - Living Things and their Habitat

We are starting to learn where different living things live. Today we went on a hunt to find the habitats of various living things.

Children in Need

Thank you for supporting Children in Need. The children enjoyed watching Mr Blackburn get drenched!