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Our new topic is 'Let's Go Travelling!' and our first stop is Space!

We will be making some junk model space rockets in Art lessons. If you have any cardboard rolls, plastic bottles, or plastic bottle tops, please could you send them in to school with your child. Thank you :-) 
Immersive Learning Days

We have begun our topic by transforming our classrooms. We have enjoyed turning ourselves into astronauts, making rockets and space bears linked to our story 'Whatever Next'.

Blast off! (28.4.21)

We have really enjoyed designing and building our own model rockets in DT lessons. We are looking forward to using them in Music lessons and taking them home to show off!

English - Reciting poems (May 2021)

We are exploring space poems this week in English lessons. We have enjoyed performing in front of the class.

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Number Day 7th May 2021

We have had a great time celebrating Number Day! We have: read number poems; played games - Snakes & Ladders and Four in a Row; completed a number word search, and seen how many numbers we can write in a given time. Well done to everyone who dressed up and brought in a carrot or a potato to measure. We had fun weighing the potatoes and measuring the carrots.

Planets (11th May)

In English we have been researching the different planets in our solar system. In Art we have made some stained glass windows of Earth.

Awesome Maths! (14th May)

We have just started a new unit on fractions in Maths and already these children are smashing it! They have been using their understanding of making equal groups to find a quarter of amounts. We even have a Headteacher's Award on our first day! Well done :-)