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Hi Year 2! 

During online learning, we will be posting your daily tasks online for you to access at home. We have made a suggested timetable for you to follow, and we will be seeing you everyday at 10:15am for English and 12:30pm for Maths 
LIVE lessons on Microsoft Teams!

We are looking forward to receiving your amazing learning! Your parents can email your work to us, using the email address below:

Reading 📚 
Here is a list of books appropriate for the children to listen to at home. Open the link and scan the QR code (in photos) to access the story.
This week's spellings 6.1.21
8.1.21 Lesson videos
English lesson video
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Maths lesson video
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There will be no live lessons today. Do your best to complete the work on here. E-mail if you have any queries.