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Day 3 of HMD work

Here are some poems that have been written so far by members of Y6! We have not done final drafts yet and when we do, we will display them all here for everyone to marvel at!

Day 2 of working with James Nash - HMD

We continued to listen to Tom Palmer's story, "The Question" and listened to more instructions from James. Then we began writing our poems on this day....can you see us hard at work?

Y6 Holocaust Memorial Day work

This year, we are lucky to have local poet (and regular visitor to IWPS!) James Nash spend some time working with us. Our theme this year is the Holocaust Memorial Day and James is leading us through some tried and tested methods to get us all writing poetry! We will try to share some of our work each day!

Friday Fun in Y6!

For our first Friday Fun session, our Y6s answered multiple choice questions about our class novel, 'Who Let the Gods out?' and enjoyed a madcap Scavenger Hunt too! (It was interesting how many appearances Chloe's cactus made and Aaliyah's French bulldog, Lola!!)

Year 6 Snowmen!!!

As part of our PE this week, the Y6s have tried to make snow sculptures. Aren't they great?

Lockdown Pet Register - Jan 2021

Well, Lockdown isn't all doom and gloom...during today's register, 6A met some of the pets the pupils are spending more time with! We had dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes (!), fish and hamsters on screen! Thanks for sharing!