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Dear Y6 and your parents/carers,
You will find all that you need for your distance learning on these pages.
The Autumn Term stuff is in the Autumn button and the Spring term stuff is in the Spring button!
(We are also trying to archive older tasks so that you are not overloaded with information! :) 
For Lockdown #3, we expect our Y6s to be ready for their Teams lessons at 8.45am and at 2pm.
Please log in and be ready for those times, with all that you need.
You will find all your tasks on Microsoft Teams.
If you have any issues, please send an email to
Many thanks for all your support in these 'unusual' times.

Adrienne Amos and Nina Gayton
Guides for parents and carers

Because all our Distance Learning is now on Microsoft Teams, you may find these two documents useful! One is about Reading. The other is information about Teams.

Y6 Timetable

Here is a suggested timetable for the Y6s. This is the order that the work will be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams each day. By following a timetable, it gives the children some structure to their day/week, which is really beneficial to their mental health.

Spring 2 Spellings

Here are the main spellings for this term, along with a copy of the Spelling Practice Menu. (If you usually have different spellings, your teacher will have emailed them to your home email).

Safer Internet Days

As part of our work on Safer Internet Days 2021, and learning that we should not always believe everything we see or hear on the internet, the Y6s had a lot of fun creating their own 'FAKE NEWS'! Well done, Y6s. It is hard to guess the Lie from these short news clips!