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We have been learning about the forces of gravity and air resistance in our science lessons and were challenged with creating a parachute that would keep an egg safe. The challenge was hard and only some of our eggs survived the fall!


We have composed our own music, using graphic scores, to represent the music that was listened to during the Shang time.


Our topic this term for science is Materials and their Properties. We have experimented with soluble and insoluble materials and have learned about the transfer of heat energy. We have also enjoyed learning about conductors and insulators.

Mini Immersive Day!

We have had a really fun day back at school learning more about life during the Shang Era. In the pictures, you can see our art work where we have written our names using Chinese calligraphy. We also learned about hierarchy during the Shang Dynasty and about the medicine, clothing, food and homes of the Shang people.

Immersive Learning Day

In Year 5, we are learning all about the Shang Dynasty. We spent our immersive day making Bi Discs from clay, designing our own Jade pendants and creating axes - here are some photos!