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Immersive Learning Day

On our Immersive Learning Day we began to look at our new topic, Through the Ages. We began by looking at the Stone Age and even dissected some Stone Age poo!

Stone Age Houses!

In Year 4 we have been looking at the Stone Age. Recently we have been discussing the differences between life then, and life now. In particular we have looked at how and where they lived. We then made a list of materials they would have used to make a place to live and in our art books sketched out our own Stone Age house. We then went outside and build them using materials on our list!

Welcome back to school !

Our topic for this term is Through the Ages. We will be looking at the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The children participated in a range of fun activites on their immersive learning day including drawing cave art and disecting poo!

Our topics for the term:

- Place Value
- Addition 

- Creating a comic
 - Speech
-  Fronted Adverbials

- States of matter

- Ukuleles on a Thursday morning
If you need to print of any homework, please look below.