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Year 3 immersive learning day

Year 3 had a look at some cave paintings from the Stone Age. We then went out to the playground and drew our own cave paintings with chalk. Can you spot what we were drawing?

3H music

3H made a music soundscape using only their bodies and voices. Close your eyes and listen and you will be transported into the rainforest!

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Year 3 immersive learning day

Year 3 spent the afternoon dissecting poo in order to find out what they used to eat in the Stone Age. We found they ate seeds, dried fruit and herbs.

Our topic for this term is Through the Ages. We will be looking at the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The children participated in a range of fun activites on their immersive learning day including drawing cave art on the playground and disecting poo!

Our topics for the term:

- Place Value
- Addition 

- Instructions
- Non-chronological writing
- Recounts

- Rocks

- Percussion workshop with Ms Higgins