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2S Christmas Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating in our classroom.

Class Newsletter

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#IWPSlittlethings Homework
Clay Fossils - November 2020
Fossil Printing Art - November 2020

Today we designed an ammonite fossil. We then drew our design onto a polystyrene tile. We used ink to press our design into our art books. Look at how brilliant they look!

3D Art - November 2020

Today we created a 3D version of Wassily Kandinsky's Concentric circles. We used coloured card which we glued together in different sized circles and placed them inside each other.

Mary Anning - Fossil Hunting - November 2020

Today the children thought about what it would be like to go fossil hunting at Lyme Regis just like Mary Anning. We used our senses to describe how we felt.

Children in Need 2020
Year 2 - Breaking News!
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A Dinosaur in our Classroom - 2S

After lunch 2S had a big surprise! We returned to a classroom with overturned furniture and giant footprints. We urgently requested CCTV and discovered that a dinosaur had taken our egg. We spent the afternoon trying to work out why. Was the dinosaur taking the egg to protect it or had it taken it to eat it?

2S CCTV Footage 5.11.20

We couldn't believe our eyes when we looked at the footage!

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This afternoon (Thursday 5th November) we got back to class to find that our classroom was a huge mess! There were books, tables and chairs on the floor, muddy footprints on the table and worst of all the dinosaur egg had disappeared!!

Year 2H CCTV footage - 5/11/20 11:45

Have a look at our CCTV footage of the dinosaur in our classroom!

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Art - Wassily Kandinsky- November 2020

In Art we have started to learn about Wassily Kandinsky. He was an abstract painter who was born in the 19th century. He was fascinated by shapes and used music to inspire his work. We have started to sketch our version of "Concentric Circles".

Moving dinosaurs - November 2020

In Design Technology we designed moving dinosaur jaws. We used a split pin to act as a lever to allow the jaws to move up and down. Today we looked at our designs and moving head and thought about what we liked, didn't like and what we could do to improve our work.

Music - October 2020

We learnt have to make and play our own music. We took two notes and created our own music using them. We had a great time playing the tunes we had made.

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Column Addition

In maths we are learning how to add using the column method. Today we used base 10 to make sure we had the 10s and the 1s in the right column before we added. We all worked super hard.

A Dinosaur Salad

Today we thought about what a herbivore dinosaur might have eaten. We designed and made a salad and learnt about command sentences and bossy verbs. Do you know what a time conjunction is?

French Greetings - October 2020

We have been learning how to greet somebody in French. I was so impressed that the children were able to have a conversation using the vocabulary they had learnt.

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Finding Fossils - October 2020

Today we found out about palaeontolgists and how hard it is to find and excavate fossils. We had to excavate the whole of the chocolate chip from the cookie. It took us a long time.

Science Habitats - October 2020

Today we explored a range of different habitats and thought about which animals would live in them and why. We had fun picking and discussing which animal lived in each habitat.

Thank You!

Our classroom is being overrun by a variety of dinosaurs! Thank you to all the children and the grown ups who have supported their children to make such lovely dinosaurs.

Minibeasts and their micro-habitat. - October 2020

Today we looked in the grounds to find out where minibeasts live. We found the most under logs in dark, damp places. We think our noisy footsteps scared away the minibeasts that live in the grass!

Dinosaur Poop! September 2020

We investigated dinosaur poop to discover if the dinosaur that left it was a carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore. Do you know the difference?

Maths - Place Value September 2020

In maths we are learning about place value. We used numicon and base 10 to understand how many tens and ones were in particular number.

Dinosaur Day

Today we launched our dinosaur topic. The children discovered an egg left behind in the classroom. We wrote questions about what it could be? In the afternoon we attached buttons to a dinosaur shape. We used watercolours and poster paint. We also used a sponge to stamp paint on to a dinosaur outline.

Dinosaurs Year 2H - September 2020

Today we started our new topic! When we arrived in the classroom this morning there were footprints on the floor and an egg. We think it is a dinosaur egg. To start off the topic we wanted to decorate our classroom with lots of artwork and we started to learn some of the dinosaur names