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IWPS Summer Clarinet Concert!

Enjoy watching some of your friends performing in their fantastic summer clarinet concert! Well done Laura, Amelie and Amy for all your hard work and effort, you should be very proud of yourselves. What a fabulous sound you make together! Thank you to Mrs Higgins for putting together this virtual performance. Have a wonderful summer everyone. Mrs Tilley

West Yorkshire Virtual School Games

On Tuesday 7th July, pupils all over West Yorkshire will be participating in the Virtual School Games. Please see the attached document and have a go at some/all of the activities with your children. Upload your scores on the website (info of how to do this is included in the attached document) and the school could win prizes. Good luck and enjoy. We would love to see some of your attempts on Twitter!

Black Lives Matter - Story Writing Comp

Yesterday, a new writing competition was launched for this week - that's right, THIS WEEK ONLY! It is on the theme of Black Lives Matter. Watch this link today and learn more about it: You might want to think about this theme from the past, the present or even the future. Then, on Thursday, you will have time to think about and plan your story, as it must be a story, which connects to Black Lives Matter. And on Friday, your English session will be to finish and submit your entry. (Other English sessions will be shifted into next week!) To submit you story, please go to and follow the instructions on the website :)


Here is a document to show you the science we are completing in school this week. You will find the rest of the information once you open it :)


Hi Year 5! In school this week, we are going to be having a French lesson, so I thought that you might want to try this lesson at home, too. It is here if you fancy giving it a go :)

Hi Year 5!  This week marks National Sports Week and we would love for you all to get involved.
Take a look at the PE page to see some activities - follow this route:
menu- curriculum (all subjects) PE 
Take a look at the pdf of activities to try at home and check out our twitter page for more videos.
Thanks to Miss O'Brien for sorting this all out!
A little bit of extra work (optional)

Hi lovely Year 5. As you may know, some of year 5 are back now. They will be doing work in the afternoons and so we are posting here the activities they are doing in case you feel able to join in too. T We have: RE - Codes of living Forces PSHE - Racism Music - Bates Any questions, please email us ( and we will get back to you ASAP. Bye for now, Mrs G.

Weekly Video 15 June

Hi Guys A video from Mrs Georgeson this week,when it finally uploads. Any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us on xxx

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Hello Year 5! 

Here is a reminder about the Leeds Children's Mayor.

Each year, Leeds elect a Children's Mayor. All Year 5 children across Leeds can apply to be the Children's Mayor and it goes to a vote across the city. If you become Mayor, you get to go to ceremonies and influence what happens for children in Leeds. 

We have had some applications already, and these have been great, and the good news is, if you are still thinking about it... you aren't too late! The deadline for applications is 5pm Wednesday 17th June. You need to think about what you would do if you were the Children's Mayor; how could you make a positive difference? In some ways, it is similar to applying to be on the school council... but on a bigger scale! 

If you think that this is something you would like to do, then please email us at the Year 5 address, and we will send you the manifesto template. 

Good luck and we really can't wait to see all of the wonderful ideas you come up with. 
Certificate for Yusuf!

Congratulations on winning the Super Sentence Comp.

We are starting to get applications back for the Ireland Wood candidate for Leeds Children's Mayor.  You still have time to apply too.  Please look at the information about the competition that we have posted under 'little things'.
Super Sentence Winner!

A HUGE thank you to all of the entrants to the Super Sentences competition. It was hard to choose as all of the pictures and sentences really captured the mood of lockdown life. The winner, decided by a panel of Mrs Amos, Miss Pliener and Mrs Georgeson was YUSUF! Well done Yusuf for your poignant and wistful entry. Well done to everyone for their contributions. We really enjoyed them all. Here is the sentence again. If I was busy with school, if I was rushing around, if I was going out all the time then I wouldn't have the time to enjoy the beauty of my garden!

Week 5 Afternoon tasks - Lockdown Madness:

After you have had a go at your science work, try one of these as your Afternoon Challenge:

This week, your teachers are issuing you with 4 challenges. You MUST undertake one of them and provide either photographic or video evidence for your teacher by Sunday evening, 24th May. (

Challenge 1: The Y5 IWPS Isolation Bake Off. You need to create a bake off to be proud of. A masterpiece. A showstopper. Come on, guys, impress us! Mrs Georgeson's and Miss Pliener's mum will judge on Sunday!

Challenge 2: A Lip synch battle. Recreate 90 seconds of your favourite ever song, then video yourself ‘lip sync’ performing it, putting in ALL THE MOVES. Mrs Georgeson's boys will judge the best!
Here is an example:

Challenge 3: Create a famous piece of art. Using stuff you can find in your house (bottle tops, toilet roll tubes, dressing up clothes etc) try to create a world famous piece of art. Mrs Amos and Mrs Stringer will judge your entries/photographs.
Here are some to inspire you!

Challenge 4: Do the 2020 Olympics in your own back garden/park. How many fun Olympic sports can you create and perform? Send us the best bits! Will you have medals? A ceremony? Music playing?


Here is a link that will let you have some fun while in Lockdown - a very special session from Mrs Smith.

So why not 'treat yourself' to a music lesson this week?
Photo-super sentence combo compo!

Super Sentence/ Photo Combo-Compo Hi - please look at the other document with more details of our new competition! We have had more entries. There is still time and we are really enjoying the range of ideas. Please email yours to Whatever you like....come on, you know you want to :-)

Note for parents:
If you have any questions or worries about the work we are setting, please remember that you can email us at
and one of us will get in touch with you to respond!