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Music composition - Mount Vesuvius erupting
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Music composition - Mount Vesuvius erupting
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IWPS Little things Homework
This half term in Year 3 our topic is 'The Romans!'. Our class text is 'Escape from Pompeii' which will link our learning across the curriculum. During this topic the children will learn aspects of Geography, Art, DT and music. 

In Maths we are continuing multipication and division, where children will learn how to multiply 2 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers using the column method. We will also be consolidating our understanding of Money. It would be brilliant if you could encourage the children to use money at home to support their learning. 
Roman Song - February 2020
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Romans - Immersive learning day

Today we had a day filled with Roman activities. We looked at where they fit on the timeline in history and found out how successful their inventions were. We had a go at building a successful model that would stand up using straws. We talked about how we had to work as a team for this to be successful- it wasn't easy!

Mosaics - February 2020

We found out that the Romans created mosaics using square tiles. We designed and made our own Mosaics. See what you think.

Valentines Fair - February 2020

We were very lucky to get to the Valentines fair. This was due to Amelia's amazing artwork, that was selected to be on the posters for the fair. We had a brilliant time!

Library Visit - February 2020

Year 3 went to the local library to pick some new books to read in class.

Division - January 2020

The children have been learning different methods to divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. We have use pictorial methods (tens and ones) and partitioning using known facts.

The Kapok Tree - January 2020

We made a conscience alley. Lydia walked down our alley and each child said something to her that would persuade her not to chop the tree down. We thought about feelings as well as other reasons

Deforestation - January 2020

We drew an image of an animal from the rain forest. Miss Hyde asked us to give our drawing to a partner and then told them to rip it up.We were not very happy about it so we talked about how this made us feel. We then thought about how this linked to the animals in the Kapok Tree story having their home chopped down. We talked about deforestation and imagined if we went home and all of the things we loved in our bedroom were not there.

Animals in the Rain forest - January 2020

In Year 3 and 4 we learnt about some of the animals that live in the Amazon Rain forest! We even dressed up as them! We learnt about the different layers of the Rain forest and each of these animals lived in a different layer. We learnt facts about their features and how they are suited to their habitat.

Layers of the Rain forest- January 2020

We learnt about the 4 layers of the rain forest. Emergent layer Canopy Understory Forest Floor We looked at the climate in each layer and which animals lived their based on their features.