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World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day by inviting grown ups to read with us. We had a lovely day.

Great Fire of London

This term we learned that Tudor buildings were made out lime wash, wood and roof tiles amongst other things. We designed and built our own houses using boxes, card and paper. Today the houses burned down and we could really understand how the fire leapt from house to house after a long. hot summer. As our "London" burned we sang London's Burning, a song we learnt in our music lessons.


Today we started to learn about plants. We discovered that seeds need soil and water to start to germinate. We planted our own seeds and we are going to observe their growth this half term.


In Maths we used counters to find a half, a third and a quarter of twelve. Who knew fractions could be such fun!

Great Fire of London

The children designed and made their own Tudor houses. They used a variety of materials to collage their amazing houses.

Science - Materials

In Science the children investigated which would be the best material for a bucket to hold water. We linked it to our Great Fire of London topic - we didn't want the water to leak out before we could put out the fire. We decided the best waterproof material was plastic.


Today, Year 2 began to learn about fractions. They investigated the how they could cut a cake up into 2 equal parts and then 4 equal parts. After that they made sure they had an equal amount to eat wit their partner.

Cooking Great Fire of London Biscuits!

In Year 2 we are learning about the Great Fire of London. Did you know the fire started in Thomas Farriner's bakery in the early hours of Sunday morning. It's rumoured that that Thomas Farriner left biscuits in the oven. We had great fun making our biscuits!


Today in science we were looking at pictures of different animals. We had to match the animals with the correct habitat.

2D Shapes

In Year 2 we were investigating the properties of 2D shapes. Do you know how many vertices a hexagon has? Do you know which shape has half as many vertices as a hexagon?


Today the children discovered that mini beasts live in micro habitats. The children went on a mini beast hunt and found ear wigs and slugs underneath logs. We didn't find many mini beast in the grass. We think that was because it is still cold.


In preparation for writing a diary entry about the Great Fire of London we imagined ourselves as characters fleeing from the fire. We thought about how we would feel. The children had some wonderful ideas!

Great Fire of London

Did you know when the Great Fire of London swept ferociously through London, Samuel Pepys buried cheese, wine and books in his garden to protect them from the flames? Today the children found a time capsule from Samuel Pepys . .

Maths - Division

We are learning about division and today we had to ensure that each person who called at our house had to have the same amount of cookies. Unfortunately, just as we had equal groups of cookies another friend arrived!

Mathematical operations in Year 2

Please see attached document illustrating the various methods taught to children in Year 2.

Grammar in Year 2

Please see attached information about the grammar taught in Year 2. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Shepherd or Mrs Tilley.