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World Book Day (5.3.20)

We have had a great day dressing up for World Book Day. Our Year 6 buddies visited us to share a story, we had a 'Guess the Teacher' reading quiz and we enjoyed making our very own story books. Thank you to all the parents who came to roll up and read on Thursday morning.

Our school trip to the Rainbow Factory (2.3.20)

Reception had a super time at The Rainbow Factory! We shared stories, searched for superhero power crystals, made shields and salt dough superheroes, engaged in role-play, made our own superhero comic strips and enjoyed our packed lunches! An action packed day out in which all the children behaved beautifully and represented the school very well.

Artforms Music Lessons

This term Reception have enjoyed their music sessions with Mrs Smith. We have been learning to: move in time to the pulse of the music; add sound effects to stories using instruments; interpret the sound of instruments by distinguishing changes and learning how to play instruments with control to play- loud/quiet, (dynamics) fast/slow (tempo).

Star of the week
Doubles - It's no trouble for me to add doubles!

Image result for doubles song  Image result for doubles song hopscotch
This term we have been learning about doubling! We really enjoy these songs...
Doubles! Doubles!
Doubles Addition Facts song

Doubles Game - Hit the button
Mustafa is the current high scorer in Reception on this game; with a super score of 21 correct answers in 1 minute! Can you beat this score?
Number Day (07.02.20)

We've had a great day dressing up (in onesies, tutus and sports shirts) for Number Day. Our Year 6 Maths Ambassadors Maisie and Charlotte visited us to lead us in some fun number challenges. The teachers had to see how many marshmallows they could eat in one minute! Miss Waddington managed to eat 7 and Mrs Ajayi managed 8! They need to see how many jumps they can do in one minute now to burn off some of those marshmallows!

Our super mega awesome homework!

This half term our topic is Toys! We have been learning about our favourite toys, moving toys and toys from the past. Take a look at some of our amazing homework so far - well done for continuing your learning journeys at home! We love sharing your work in class.

Image result for tricky words

We are focussing on learning our tricky words this half term. We love singing along to the songs below. We recommend that children are supervised when watching YouTube. For added safety, you can turn off the autoplay function on YouTube. Please see the link below for further guidance on staying safe whilst streaming videos. 

YouTube: A guide for parents
Tricky Words Phase 2 song
Tricky Words Phase 3 song
Tricky Words Phase 4 song
Spring Dinner Menu 2020

Please find attached a copy of our Spring Term dinner menu. Please could you discuss the options with your child and select their preferred choices. We request that you complete this form and hand this in to school by Friday 20th December 2019 to allow the office time to process orders. We want to ensure that your child chooses meals that are healthy, varied and that they will enjoy. If we do not receive your child’s completed dinner menu, they will be given the vegetarian option (GREEN). Thank you for your cooperation, Mrs Ajayi & Miss Waddington