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We are delighted to announce that we are now part of a Trust with our local partners.

The following is a joint statement from the Heads of the schools:

Mrs Lynne Hunter – Cookridge Primary
Mr Ian Blackburn – Ireland Wood Primary
Ms Hayley Marshall – Iveson Primary
Mr Will Carr – Ralph Thoresby High School

Further to the consultation and published statutory proposal, from 31 August 2012 our schools have changed category from Community to Foundation and adopted a charitable Trust named ‘The Leeds North West Education Partnership’ - a co-operative membership trust.

The Governing Bodies believe the Trust will raise standards through the creation of a platform for on-going improvement. The resources and expertise brought to the Trust by the partners will raise the profile of education and the extended schools / Every Child Matters agenda across our Leeds North West community. We aim to work together to strengthen strategic leadership, increase support and challenge and consolidate effective monitoring in our schools, thereby promoting improvement in outcomes for our young people.

The expected impact should:
  • Raise achievement for all of our young people;
  • Promote life-long learning in the wider community;
  • Extend the learning opportunities of our young people, enhancing their personal well being and life long aspirations;
  • Enable us to work with partners to increase opportunities, raising the awareness of wider issues such as health and equipping students with valuable life skills;
  • Strengthen our existing commitment to co-operative values - respect, social justice, fair trade and democracy.
Parents, Staff, Students and Community members - We are all members of the Trust and we all have a voice.

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