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Column Addition

Today we used Base 10 to add. We enjoyed exploring how column addition works.

What did a Page do in a Medieval Castle?

On Wednesday our classroom was transformed into a castle and we discovered just what role a Page had in a medieval castle. As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves.


Today we investigated the properties of materials and decided which material was the best to build a castle with and which material would make the most effective armour.

Sentence Types

Today Year 2 learnt about four different sentence types. They sorted a variety of sentences into statements, commands, question and exclamation sentences.


We are fortunate in Year 2 to have weekly singing lessons with Mrs Smith. We are taught about pitch, rhythm and how to accompany songs with instruments.

Once upon a Time . . .

We have been learning all about Castles. We know about the parts of a castle. We had an exciting time using Google Earth and an Atlas to find the location of Skipton Castle. Did you know that in medieval times children learning to be Knight were taught to write? We hope you like our writing.

Roald Dahl Day

We had an exciting day dressing up as Roald Dahl characters. We invented our own creatures for a new book. We used conjunctions and exciting adjectives to describe our character.

Place Value

Maths is fun!

Welcome to Year 2!.

We are looking forward to an exciting year. This term our topic is "Once upon a Time". We are learning all about Castles and we have already visited Skipton Castle.

In Maths we are developing our Place Value skills as well as addition and subtraction. In English we will be writing all about what a Page's responsibilities were before he/she can become a Knight.

In Geography we will be using maps to find the best defensive sites for a castle and in History we will be exploring the  features of a castle.
Skipton Castle

We had a wonderful time exploring Skipton Castle. Did you know that Lady Anne Clifford planted the Yew tree in the Courtyard. We also visited the dungeon!


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