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This term Year 3 are learning all about The Mayans. We are really excited to be learning all about chocolate! During the term we will be making our own hot chocolate and writing persuasive adverts as well as looking at a range of different chocolate poems. 

Our class text this term is Charlie and the Chocolate factory. 

In Maths we will be learning our 3,4 and 8 times tables. It would be brilliant if you could continue to practice these at home. 
Newsletter - Autumn 2019
Maths Homework - Autumn 2019
IW Little Things Homework - Autumn 2019
Recorders - November 2019

The children have been learning how to play 'Indian Warrior' this term. They have worked extremely hard and enjoy performing this piece with percussion to help keep the beat.

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Making hot chocolate - November 2019

Because the Mayans drank a chocolate drink (xocolatl) with chilli in, we decided that we would create our own chocolate drink. We made hot chocolate and we had the choice of lots of different flavours. We had chocolate caramel, honey, cinnamon, double chocolate and forest fruits (cherry). They tasted delicious!!

York Chocolate Story - November 2019

Year 3 had a brilliant day at York Chocolate story. We learnt so much about chocolate and got to eat loads! We made and tried the mayan chocolate drink 'Xocolatl' but we weren't sure about it because it was very bitter!! We even got to make and decorate our own chocolate lolly.

Clay Gods - October 2019

In Year 3 we have been learning all about the Maya Gods. We designed our own God. We have made them out of clay and used this to create a mould. We then poured plaster of Paris into our mould to create our statues. It has been messy and hard work but lots of fun!

Mayan Workshop - September 2019

Today Year 3 took part in a drama workshop. We learnt some amazing facts about the Mayan people and used drama and freeze frames to act them out.

Maya writing - September 2019

We have been finding out about Maya writing. We thought that it looked more like pictures and was like a secret code. We created our own names and made a sign for our door. Can you read what it says?

Maya Timeline - September 2019

We created a human timeline using freeze frames to help us understand and remember the events over the period that the Mayans existed.

Mayan Masks - September 2019

We have designed and created our own Mayan Masks. We learnt lots about the different masks that they would have and why. If you would like to find out about them, read Lydia's non -chronological report.

Maya Hierarchy - September 2019

In Year 3 we have been learning about Mayan jobs. We received a letter from king Pakal's Great-Great-Great-Great Gransdson assigning us a job that we had to apply for. We decided we should find out where our job would fit in the hierarchy. We then looked at how this compares with our school.