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In Year 4 we have been learning all about the Maya civilisation. We have explored lots of different areas, including: 

       - Sport
       - Clothing (such as masks and headdresses)
       - Religion, looking at the different Maya Gods
       - Myths 
  And lots more!

Multiplication and Division

In Year 4, we have been really lucky to have our Year 6 reading buddies come into class to help us with some tricky problem solves. It was great to see the older children explain the concepts so clearly.


We have been learning how to play the ukulele in Year 4 with fantastic results! We have had Mrs Smith come in on a Thursday morning to help us learn all about different cords and even begin to play certain songs.

Year 4 Chocolate Trip!

Year 4 had an amazing trip to York Chocolate Story to learn more about the history of chocolate. We were able to make an authentic Mayan chocolate drink, called Xocolatl, and then compare this to the sugary hot chocolate that we drink today. We also got to go on a tour of York Chocolate Story and learn all about the process of making chocolate, learning about the transition from the Maya to us today. We got to make our very own chocolate lollies to bring home as a souvenir!

Autumn Newsletter

Here is our Autumn Newsletter!

Autumn 'IWPS Little Things'

Here is the Autumn IWPS Little Things Homework sheet. Maths should be completed on top of this.