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Take Over Week in 6A

Here are some of the brave children who volunteered to Take Over during this week!

A poet calls

In November, we held our celebration event for parents, where each child shared part of their poetry, written with the expert guidance of local poet, James Morgan Nash. These poems all held the theme of WW1 brilliantly and it was encouraging to witness the children trying to stretch their vocabulary admirably. James writes of the success of this unit on his blog about the Headingley LitFest.

Y6 Homework Autumn

Please note, as well as the homeowrk grids for both terms here, we have also included a homeowrk grid which SHOULD not need to use much online work. Hope these are helpful.

WW1 Immersion Days - 2019

Our first days in Y6 were pretty tough! In order to learn about conditions for young soldiers (tommies) during WW1, we spent time learning about the uniform they would have worn, including polishing boots, as well as enlisting in the army and trying on copies of the uniform.

Trench Building

We had already learned so much about the trenches during World War 1, but today the teachers made us dig holes in the ground - just so we could understand the hard work the soldiers had to endure for hours each day. It worked! We ached, had sore hands and no longer think digging a trench is good fun.

Shakespeare comes to IWPS

We were really lucky in Y5/6 to see the Young Shakespeare Company's version of Romeo and Juliet this term.