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Air Resistance - March

Year 5 have been investigating air resistance. They designed their own parachutes to try and keep an egg safe. It was brilliant fun.

Escape Room - March

We had a fantastic time this morning trying to crack the code to defeat the robots, who were hovering menacingly above our school in a space ship. Thankfully, we worked as teams to defeat them.

Bug Hotels - March

As part of our Science Week celebrations, Year 5 have built Bug Hotels to encourage wildlife in our school grounds. We have put them outside and are looking forward to see who comes to stay in our hotels.

Sledging Fun - February

We had lots of fun sledging and playing in the snow this morning.

Geography skills - February

Year 5 have had a brilliant start to their new topic (Yorkshire). Today, we used our map skills to identify different features our fantastic county has.

Teaching PE to Years 1 and 3 - February

Year 5 were learning about how to be Sports Leaders. As part of this they invented new games and taught them to children in other year groups. This developed their communication and leadership skills...and a lot of fun was had by all!

Y5 Spring Newsletter

Here is a copy of our Year 5 newsletter. If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to contact your child's class teacher.

Y5 Spring 2 #IWPSLittleThings

Here is a copy of our latest #IWPSLittleThings for this half term. Your child needs to complete at least one of these a week.

NSPCC Number Day - February

We have done lots of number themed activities today. We especially enjoyed our Number Day Quiz about the staff of IWPS.

Alex Sobel's visit - February

Alex Sobel came to school today to tell us all about his work as our local MP. He also chaired our debate about banning plastic packaging. Thanks, Alex. We had a great afternoon.

Islam afternoon - January

Year 5 have had a fantastic afternoon experiencing and sharing Islamic culture.

Visit to Leeds Grand Mosque - January

Year 5 had a great morning visiting Leeds Grand Mosque and learning even more about Islam. The children behaved impeccably and asked some wonderful questions.

Year 5 environment writing - January

Some of us even made vlogs about the environment and how we can help. We hope you find them entertaining and informative.

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Year 5 have been thinking about our environment and how we can help to improve plastic pollution. Have a read of some of their amazing writing.

Did you know that plastic is hurting our environment?

Plastic is hurting our environment because 400,000 particles per square meter are going into the Pacific Ocean. In the UK, 9% of plastic recycled, 125 is burnet and 79% is sent to a landfill. Out of 5 million plastic bottles in the world 52% is and recycled 48% is sent to a landfill.

Theresa may said : ‘In years to come, I think people will be shocked at how today we allow so much plastic to be produced needlessly.’ May is urging supermarkets to put a levy on 5p bags and she is also thinks takeaways should use reusable boxes so they can stop littering plastic.

I think people should help the environment since they didn’t harm us so we should not harm them.

That’s what I think, what do you think?

Help the environment!!!


Did you know that our plastic scourge is sensational?

Shockingly, every minute, a lorry worth of plastic is dumped in our oceans , which is equivalent to 1,440 lorries a day. This controversy is unacceptable because it is killing and harming our marine wildlife. One in three fish caught in the channel contain plastic, which is affecting their health (and yours).If a fish consumes plastic, if we eat that, then the plastic will be in our stomach. Some communities are aware ; some aren’t.

Teresa May calls our world’s .“ one of the great scourges of all time”. This means, the prime minister thinks plastic is a disastrous and aggressive problem. The prime minister wants to eliminate unesessary plastic waste in the next 25 years. She wants to make small shops charge the 5p -tax-on plastic bags, which they don’t currently have.

I think as children, we should debate the issues ,so that we are aware. we should also recycle more and have a bigger fine if you littered. it’s a big worry and heart breaking that fish and other creatures are dying ,YOU MUST HELP! It’s sad that nobody cares

Will you join? 90% of plastic and rubbish is shown in our rivers and oceans! Please join if you care!


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