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'Our Loyal Logistic Leaders'
Mr Blackburn
Mrs Green
Deputy Head
Miss O'Connell
Assitant Head
'Our Awesome, Ace and Agile Administrators'
& 'Our Surprising Spectacular Splendid Superintendents'
Coming soon
Mrs Ajaz
Business Manager
Miss Cookman
Office Administrator
Miss Tasker
Office Administrator
Mr Singh
Office Administrator
Mr Rushfirth
Mr Rawsthorne
Asst. Superintendent
'Our Cool Courageous Care Team'
Mrs Coverdale
Intervention Manager
Mrs Price
Inclusion Manager
Mrs Pollard
Parent Support Advisor
Miss Bedford
Maternity Leave
Mrs Squire
Learning Mentor
'Our Tremendously Terrific Teaching Staff'
Mrs Ajayi
RA Teacher
Mrs Wilkinson
RW Teacher
Miss Stringer
Year 1SO Teacher
Miss O'Brien
Year 1SO Teacher
PE specialist
Mrs Fisher
Year 1F Teacher
Mr Connelly
Year 2C Teacher
Miss Hyde
Year 2H Teacher
Miss Aukland
Year 3A Teacher
Miss Mayhew
Year 3M Teacher
Mrs Tilley
Year 4T Teacher
Miss Whitaker
Year 4W Teacher
Mrs Broadbent
Year 5B Teacher
Mrs Georgeson
Year 5G Teacher
Mrs Amos
Year 6A Teacher
Miss Gayton
Year 6G Teacher
Mr Collins
Year 6C Teacher
Mrs Higgins
Music Specialist
Miss Hogarth
Mrs McAteer
Makaton Local Tutor
Miss Pollard
Mrs Strahand
Miss Waddington
'Our Sensible Spectacular Support Staff'
Mrs Abbott Ms Al Hosaini  Mrs Batty
Maternity Leave
Miss Brown Mrs Buxey Mrs Campbell
Ms Collings Ms Dale Mrs Dawson Mrs Fletcher Mr Fisher Ms Foster
Mrs Foxton Mrs Glassup Miss Gonzalez Fernandez Ms Harman Mrs Harrison Ms Hawley
Miss Hegedus Mrs Henderson Miss Hollings Miss Ijaz Mrs Indjin Ms Ishaq
Mrs Johnson Miss Jones Mrs Jones
Mrs Kerr Mrs Khan Miss Lawrence
Mrs McLoughlin Ms McQuillan Miss Middleton Mrs Mirshekar Mr Monte
ICT Support
Mrs Philips
Miss Proud Mrs Rivett Ms Roper Mrs Saad Mrs Sanderson Mrs Seidentezar
Miss Senior Miss Sims Mrs Smith Mrs Squire Ms Vernon Ms Urch
'Our Delightful Debonair Dinner Staff' & 'Our Lovely Lunch Time Supervisors'
Mrs Hurlston
Catering Team Leader
Miss  Niezgoda Miss  Bland Miss Richardson Mrs Khoshaba Mrs Bhanra Mrs Kousar

Miss Pickles Ms Hawley Ms Simmonds Mrs Casey Ms Goldup Ms Kitson Mrs Ajil


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