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Maths Adventure - March 2018

Today we took part in a special mission to help Prince Lumino to tidy the castle before the Queen arrived. We had to use our amazing Maths skills to tidy everything up. We had so much fun!

World Book Day - March 2018

Look at some of our amazing World Book Day costumes!

Green fingers - February 2018

Our new topic is all about plants and our driver question is "What plants can we grow?" We have been planting lots of different things this week, so let's hope they grow!

Great Model Making - February 2018

We designed and made our own 17th Century buildings to link with our Great Fire of London topic. Watch this space to see what might happen to them...

Irie Steel Pan Workshop - February 2018

We had an afternoon full of Caribbean Music fun! We watched a performance, danced, clapped, sang and even had a workshop where we got to play the steel drums, ask questions. The whole afternoon finished with a whole class conga line! Look at their website to play an interactive steel pan and see how steel pans are made.

Maths in the Class - January 2018

Thanks to all the parents and grandparents who came to our Maths in the Class sessions. We had great fun showing you how we add and subtract.

The Great Fire Reports - January 2018

We imagined there had been TV in 1666 (there wasn't!), and we made news flashes to tell people about what was happening in London.

Dogs' Trust - January 2018

We had a visit by the Dogs' Trust (including Winnie!) who came to teach us about staying safe around dogs. We loved meeting Winnie.

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