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WW1 artefacts

We were really lucky to have Mr King (William's dad) come to visit with a trove of WW1 objects. We could examine and imagine binoculars, trench art, dog tags, guns and bayonets. We were amazed and it really helped to bring trench warfare alive to us.

Headingley LitFest

James Nash joining our English lessons and promoting a love of poetry.

Year 6 Science

During the year so far, we have enjoyed many 'hands on ' Science lessons. During our first topic, we looked into the fascinating word of electricity. As part of this topic, we had to construct our own circuits and create our own switches. Here are some of our circuits.

Homework grids

#iwpslittlethings 1 and 2. (We added a second one for variety, as children were so enthusiastic about our WW1 topic). The maths targets remain the same, as these are the key areas that children need to be fluent in during Y6.

Autumn newsletter

Please check for key dates.

Learning 'JIGSAW' style

We all had home groups, where each of us chose a Greek area to become an expert in - architecture, homes, politics, sport and Language. Then we worked in our 'Expert' groups and collated as much information as we could and then informed our original groups of all we had discovered. Great fun! After this, we created non-chronological reports all about Ancient Greece.

It's all Greek to us!

To top our fantastic topic off, we all enjoyed an Ancient Greek Experience Day in the last week of term. Here are some pics of all we did.


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