Open Days for Reception 2018/19 starters - Wednesday 4th October, Wednesday 1st November & Wednesday 10th January

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Mayan Cities!

This term, Year 4 have been learning all about the Mayans. As part of this, we researched what a Mayan city looked like and what important buildings it had in it. We then designed our Mayan City on a piece of paper and then used our plan to build it out of Lego! Next week we are going to make our city using cardboard boxes!

Ministry of Chocolate Day - Wednesday 1st November

We had a fantastic day on Wednesday with a very special visitor... Carl, who was from the Ministry of Chocolate! He taught us lots of interesting facts about how the Mayans discovered chocolate and how that has evolved to become the chocolate we know and love today. We learned about Fairtrade and the benefits for cocoa farmers in Ghana. We even got to make some of our own chocolate creations to enjoy! What a super day!

Year 4 Homework - Autumn

Here is a copy of Year 4's Homework grid for the Autumn term!


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