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At Ireland Wood, we want every child to be able to access a rich Computing curriculum, in order to equip them well for a future in this ever-evolving world.

This year, we are beginning to use Scratch to develop our children's programming skills. Scratch is a free programming language and is available to use at It's great fun and really easy to pick up. Plus, you can save your projects and email them to your friends! Our younger children will start learning how to code using Scratch Jr, a more accessible version of Scratch which is available as a free app on the Apple Store. We'll be posting links to the childrens' creations here.

In December, we will be taking part in Hour of Code! This is a worldwide initiative where millions of children will have the chance to take part in an hour of coding to create an exciting game, story, app or anything else they can think of! You can find out more at Stay tuned for photos and links to things that we have created!

We firmly believe that our children need to be educated in how to use technology safely, and who to talk to if something happens online that shouldn't. All of our children and staff are aware of our Acceptable Use Policies. You can view them on our website too.
Acceptable Use Policies

Here are our Acceptable Use Policies for KS1, KS2 and staff.


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