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At Ireland Wood we run a wide range of inclusive school clubs. Clubs are either after school or during lunch time.
After School clubs will run from 3.00 - 4.00pm
When collecting children from after school clubs please use the main playground exit doors.
Clubs run for approximately 10 weeks across each term.

Please see our display in the Dining Hall window for timetables.


Clubs Pictures
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Terms: yarn, slip knot, chain, yarn over, single crochet

Here are some useful links to tutorials of the lessons we have covered so far:-
Please can parents supervise the use of YouTube or ensure that your settings are set to strict. There are guidance documents on how you can do this on our policies page. Thank you.

How to hold your yarn

How to make a crochet chain

How to single crochet

How to double crochet

How to crochet a granny square
Crochet Club

We have now learnt how to make: a slip knot; a chain; and single crochet! The girls have started a project using single crochets to make a scarf. Hopefully it'll be ready for the cold weather. Mr Blackburn has also requested a hat!

Crochet Club

We have been working on a crochet hat for Mr Blackburn (in school team colours at his request!) We have been using a double crochet stitch and Mrs Ajayi finished with a front post / back post double crochet stitch. Here's a video of Safya teaching us how to double crochet.

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